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2016 Should be Nigeria’s Year of Diversification
January 5, 2016

2016 Should be Nigeria’s Year of Diversification

2016 should be our year of diversification as a country.

How can we diversify? First, we must restructure into #TrueFiscalFederalism. We must discard this unitary ‘feeding bottle’ federalism and throw away our present constitution. This is the very first thing we must do. We don’t even need a budget to make this happen, we just need to sit down and discuss. We just need to reach a compromise.

It is in fact impossible to diversify under the present skewed structure. This is why we must discard the present structure. Once this is done, we should then entrench a true fiscal system that will reintroduce competition among the states. States that cannot cope with the new arrangement should be allowed to die off or merge with others. 

Once we restructure, politics of comparative advantage will be introduced,  regional integration will be introduced. Statutory allocations will be replaced with locally generated revenues. States of origin will be replaced with place of residence and all these ethnic agitations will be eliminated. There will be progress and genuine development.

Nigeria will no longer be a joke.

Thinking about Nigeria gives me severe headache. This country is not working and we are pretending about it.



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