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Be The Best In Whatever You Become – A Poem
November 1, 2014

Be The Best In Whatever You Become – A Poem

If you cannot be our president or a member of our Senate
Be a councilor; be the finest of councilors
If you cannot be an excellent student or the pride of a prestigious university
Learn a trade; learn a productive trade
If you cannot be the best or on the top of the list
Be the least; be an honest of all least
Be you a cab driver, a receptionist, or even a bricklayer
You are as necessary as the doctor, the lecturer, the lawyer and the engineer
There is dignity in all labour! Be a passionate labourer
If you cannot visit Mecca or Jerusalem at the near-close of your age
Remain in your Mosque or your Church, or even at that corner of your room; and say a truthful prayer
God listens
If at a time you cannot tell the truth for reasons beyond your control
Tell the lie; be truthful in your remorse
If you fail to become a seasoned journalist
Be a blogger; be the best of all bloggers!
We all cannot be leaders and captains of the same ship
Who will become citizens and crew alike?
If you cannot live in Maitama or Banana Island
Live in your shanty; while holding on to your dreams
We all were born equal; a mystery we must endure
In whatever life has made of you
Be it small or be it unjust
For if life has raped you of becoming a business mogul
Be a petty trader; be an honest trader
You might never write a perfect stanza
Nor a few lines of fictions nor narratives. Yet,
be an astute reader; be the reader without boundary
Life is not a game
You neither loose nor win
You simply live!
If you cannot be a coach of your dream team
Be a simple player; be a dedicated player
If you are not in the ruling party
Stick to the opposition; but oppose with all patriotism
In whatever situation you find yourself
Be it bloom, bleach, or blunt
Do the best, be better than the rest
Be the best of who you are; wherever you are
Be the best of whatever you become
Be the best in whatever you become
Be the best
“This poem is semantically coined from the poem titled ‘ The best of whatever you are’ by Douglas Malloch. It teaches a lesson that applies to each one of us. Everyone can not be the president of our country; who would pay taxes to support our government? Everyone can not be the boss; who would get the work done? There is no dishonorable work — all is necessary. If we were all doctors and lawyers, who would keep our streets clean and in good repair? Who would keep our trash carried off? Although we may not have as good a job as we would like, we need to take pride in our job and be the very best at whatever we do.


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