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BVN Registration: A Dumb Idea by CBN?
July 11, 2015

BVN Registration: A Dumb Idea by CBN?

The method adopted by the CBN for this BVN registration is dumb, embarrassing and even a source of disgrace to the Nigerian government.

If it were a country of innovation, a court injunction would have been procured by now to stop the method adopted for the BVN process.

Nigeria now has a centralized database currently being (it has been on for over four years now) built by the National Identification Management Commission (NIMC). This database has all that is required of Nigerians, biometrics, etc. This commission was established by law and as part of the law establishing it, it is the recognized institution that stores, shares and synchronizes identification details of Nigerians as is required by any institution. NIMC issues a National Identification Number (NIN) which can be synchronized across various institutions in Nigeria.

In an ideal society, what the CBN would have done is to simply demand that every bank customer provides his/her NIN and this is enough for verification. With this kind of arrangement, the queues you see at the bank will not be there but would rather be at the NIMC offices across Nigeria.

To register for JAMB, you supply biometric, to apply for work, you supply biometric, to register as a voter, you supply biometric, to synchronize bank accounts, you supply biometric. What then is the need to have NIMC spending billions of tax payers money weekly to run their operations across the country?

What Nigerians should submit at every point of verification is NIN, not biometric. The banks simply would have partnered with NIMC to get our biometrics and not pushing us to come stand at their banking halls.

There seem to be no relationship between the various government institutions in Nigeria. NIMC is doing their thing, banks are doing their own thing, JAMB is doing their own thing, no interlink.



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