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Can Nigeria Bake Her Own Bread? – A New Book by Tony Osborg
December 2, 2014

Can Nigeria Bake Her Own Bread? – A New Book by Tony Osborg

Book Launch from Tony Osborg!
This is to inform all my mentors, friends and colleague of my latest release.
I wish to formally inform you all that my long anticipated and talked about book has officially been launched into the cyberspace. It is titled: ‘Can Nigeria Bake Her Own Bread?’
Taking advantage of the recent successes in the ICT, I have been able to launch this book via self-publishing, making it available to everyone at the click of the mouse.
‘Can Nigeria Bake Her Own Bread?’ is a thorough research into the foundation of major institutional abnormalities of our beloved country Nigeria. The book is divided into seven chapters, each, addressing a specific sociopolitical problem.
On corruption, the book does not just state that corruption is a National problem, it goes further to expose how corruption is coordinated,  executed and institutionalized, especially from the loopholes of our procurement laws and processes; then it goes further to recommend a simple proactive solution. The same method applies to other issues addressed in the book. For every National challenge I have identified, I have equally designed a simple policy plan & possible solution.
From the unlimited abnormalities arising from a historically inherited political culture, to the dysfunctional orientation of the average youth and up to the technological deficiencies. Can Nigeria Bake Her Own Bread? attempts to summarize Nigeria’s contemporary challenges… and goes further to recommend simple solutions… with a style of positive criticism.
In other to make the book available to all and in all formats, I have made the book available in three formats; paperback, ePub (For eBook readers), and PDF (for e-readers).
To buy a Paperback copy of the book, please visit http://www.lulu.com/shop/tony-osborg/can-nigeria-bake-her-own-bread/paperback/product-21928968.html
To buy an eBook format (ePub) of the book, please visit http://www.lulu.com/shop/tony-osborg/can-nigeria-bake-her-own-bread/ebook/product-21924074.html
For an eBook format (PDF) of the book, please visit http://www.lulu.com/shop/tony-osborg/can-nigeria-bake-her-own-bread/ebook/product-21924075.html
The book allows you to preview its first nine pages to get a glimpse of its whole content. The book will be available on Amazon.com and other major online retail stores in few weeks from now.
This book is subject to reviews and criticisms as I will be glad to engage constructive critics for their contributions and refutations on the issues raised in this book. To my editor Russell Bluejack, I say thanks for a job well done.
I look forward to your reviews and comments on this book.
Tony Osborg


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