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Can Nigerian Politics ever Produce a Hero?
July 6, 2015

Can Nigerian Politics ever Produce a Hero?

I find it really disturbing and even provocative that people, especially people from the Niger Delta still refer to Nigeria’s former President Goodluck Jonathan as a hero and a performer. Except the definition of these words have changed, I am still a little bit confused about why we still reason this way.

Nigerian politics does not produce heroes and performers, it produces criminals and more criminals.
If there is a people and region that should be angry at the Goodluck Jonathan’s government, it is the people of the Niger Delta.  Just take a look at this region and its people. Their state governments are still owed billions of Naira for federal projects embarked upon which the Jonathan led FG refused to reimburse them, some of these funds run into hundreds of billions of Naira. The only major link road in this region is still far from completion, the federal universities in this region has doubled their fees under the Jonathan led FG. Under Jonathan, their NDDC have become a notorious development institution known  for awarding sham contracts and building roads that gets damaged even before they are commissioned.  Electricity in this region has not been satisfactory. More oil companies have left the region. Unemployment???  The oil spill reports were not implemented. There are no trains linking the region. Under his government, criminals, cultists and militants suddenly had brighter future than entrepreneurs and intellectuals. Under GEJ, illegal bunkering moved from petty level into industrial scale and the industry became a legal and part-time business for Nigerian army & navy officials, ex-government officials, etc, while our local farmers and national economy felt the heat.
If you know what power and money Abuja controls, and then you remember that your son was in charge of that money and power for six years, and yet your region, just like the rest of Nigeria  still look miserable and uncertain, then you might need to explain to us what you mean by hero and performer.
There is no hero in contemporary Nigerian politics and democracy.
President Buhari can only be a hero if and only if he returns Nigeria to a #TrueFiscalFederalism. Under the present Nigerian political system, if you are not already corrupt, the system will corrupt you. We cannot make a hero out of this defective political structure.
Nigerian politics does not breed heroes, it breeds criminals and corrupt people. True Fiscal Federalism is the hero we need to fix our inherited historical irreconcilable metaphysical, social and economic differences as Nigeria and as Nigerians. Whoever gives Nigeria this fiscal federalism is Nigeria’s Hero.


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