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Forty-One Promises Extracted from APC Manifesto

Below are forty-one promises contained in the APC Manifesto as published by the party prior to the Presidential election. The promises below are extracted from the two official documents released by APC as their Manifesto titled ‘Securing Nigeria’s Future’ and ‘Roadmap to a New Nigeria’, all published by the APC and signed by the then[…]

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October 29, 2014
Presidential Aspirants: Have You Read Any Manifesto?

In a sane country, the citizens-cum-electorates should be asking questions. Mr. Presidential aspirant, what are your plans for power, education, infrastructures, poverty alleviation, corruption, sustainability, economy beyond oil, industrial developments, etc? In a sane society, the citizens should be eager to read manifestos, see possibilities and opportunities. They should be comparing and contrasting ideologies from[…]

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