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Corruption is Not our Problem!
September 25, 2016

Corruption is Not our Problem!

We need to stop falling for the propaganda that corruption is the biggest problem in Nigeria.

Our biggest problem in Nigeria is this unitary system of government that thrives and needs corruption to survive.

Corruption is merely a by-product of the system of government that we practice. If we restructure, corruption will find its place.

Our present system of government thrives on corruption. To reduce corruption you must first change the system. You cannot fight corruption when you practice a corrupt system of government. It is not a coincidence that corruption is everywhere in Nigeria. It is an evidence that our unitary system breeds corruption.

The biggest problem in Nigeria is the skewed feeding bottle military-unitary system of government. This is what fuels corruption.

We need to talk about the root cause of our problems and stop debating about mere symptoms. Restructuring Nigeria and entrenching true federalism is the first step towards fighting corruption.



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