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Did APC Promise Free Meal per Student?

Did APC Promise Free Meal per Student?

Yesterday, I read somewhere on an old billboard in Port Harcourt about the APC plan to feed primary school students if elected into the central government. Also, I have seen Nigerians write about this issue, free meal for primary school kids.

The truth is that, that campaign promise was a joke, or better still, a scam.  Feeding ten million kids per day at the rate of 150 Naira per meal will be at about 1.5 Billion Naira daily. That should be 532.5billion Naira yearly, impossible! I  do not want to believe that any government will be willing to spend 1.5 Billion Naira daily in feeding primary school students under our present economic predicament, even if the economy was at its  boom, it was still impossible . What end does this charitable sympathetic policy intend to achieve?

Osun state tried such in the past, today they have almost gone bankrupt! Buhari’s led Federal Government should not think of implementing this promise, please. Nigerians would only have seen the trick in this campaign promise if they had asked the same question I had asked before the election, which was , ‘since basic education is on the concurrent list, why has the present(then) controlled APC states not begun this free meal per day program for basic students?’

First, what has primary school got to do with the federal government? Where in the world do you see a Federal Government dealing with primary school issues? Maybe only in Nigeria. Why should a Federal Government be concerned with feeding primary school students? What sense is there in feeding a child once daily for coming to school?

If APC ever made this promise to our kids and Nigerians in general, which I believe they did, the party needs to come out and apologize to our kids and Nigerians in general about this unsustainable, impractical and  unrealistic promise.

Even the 5k per per month to 25 million poorest citizens should not be implemented, cannot be implement, should not be implemented. There are better ways to empower the youths than pay them to do nothing.

What I think the President Buhari/APC led Federal Government needs to do is to simply restructure Nigeria into a #TrueFiscalFederalism .  That should solve most of the problems in Nigeria and allow states to compete amongst themselves while the Federal Government do more important things.


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