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Do not Imprison your Child’s Mind
July 20, 2015

Do not Imprison your Child’s Mind

When you give birth that child, have it in mind that a mind is born, not a machine. The most basic trait of a mind is its unpredictability, its unencumbered desire towards freedom and learning. Do not be disappointed when that child becomes the opposite of what you have intended him to become, you were only a carrier, a means.

Do not say to that child that this religion is true or this God is the one true God, rather you should say to him ‘the world is a mystery and you must therefore find the truth through your own mind. Do not impose on him the dogmas your own fathers had imposed on you. For every age has its own spirit, you should allow that child to be possessed by the spirit of his own age, not the spirit of your own age.

That child might grow up to become the Devil your own father had warned you about, he might become the originator of that religion that would attempt to wipe out the next generation. Get use to this, your duty as a father does not warrant you to enslave that mind merely because you were his carrier. Your child’s mind begins to manifest where your control over him ends. Every mind is a pathfinder, your child should find his own path anyway.

As a father, you must never forget that your top most responsibility is to open your child’s mind. You should always say to him both in both deeds and in thoughts ‘free your mind’. A mind likes to learn from his own experiences, a mind likes to understand what mistakes are, what failures are; a mind wants to live through life. You must learn to let that mind live his own life. Your limits of your bias towards life are his starting point to life. What your generation calls boundaries, your child’s generation might call convenience. Your generation believed in the protection of tradition, your child’s generation might believe in the integration of globalization. Every age has its own spirit, do not let your child’s mind be trapped in a spirit that is not of his own generation.

You can try to manipulate and enslave that mind while you can and while your parental control lasts. But when the mind says it wishes to set free of your own bias, you must let it go, you should let it go. If this mind’s wish is to become a scientist, you must not compel him to become a priest.

A child without his own mind is a machine, the greatest evil you can do to that child is to strip him of his own mind in your bid to dominate his own journey. Your major duty as a father is to set this mind free, his mind free. The eyes of this child will be useless if his mind is blinded by the bias of your own age.

You must teach your child about the most basic traits of the human person; love, curiosity, survival, unpredictability, will-to-power, passion, death, libido, etc. You must not let your child be limited to the morality of your own age, he must understand and learn about the morality of his own age and must learn to play by the rules of his own generation. You should teach that child about the true nature of men and you should explain to him why man needs a society, the law and a state. If you don’t do that, he will find out anyway. You might be disappointed at what this mind of yours have become, but do not worry, a mind is an embodiment of spontaneous freedom and choice. Your child possesses a mind. Get use to this reality and enjoy your parental control while it last, shortly.

Train up that child in the way you want it to grow, but do not be disappointed if he departs from it when he is old. That is what a mind can do.

To be continued…


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