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DSS erred on Judges Raid
October 11, 2016

DSS erred on Judges Raid

If the court rules today that the DSS have no right to take any judge to court in criminal matters and refers the matter to the NJC for further action then the case is screwed and President Buhari has committed an(other) impeachable offence by authorizing the DSS operation in the first place. This might likely be the outcome.
Before a judge is brought to court to face a criminal charge, he ought first to have been stripped of his position as a judge. This is extremely important.
If this alleged corrupt judge goes ahead to prove his case and comes out victorious, there is a problem for both the DSS and for the judiciary. This is why we must follow due process which lies with NJC.
Supposing these judges are granted bail today and are asked to return to court from their homes, will they still act as judge while facing criminal case in court? Remember, they have not been stripped of their positions yet and until a conviction is made, they remain lordships!

This is why President Buhari should have followed the due process of allowing the NJC do their job. If the DSS claims to have incontrovertible evidence against the judges, then that would have made the NJC work much easier. The NJC can certainly not mess up when they know the President has sufficient evidence too.

There is a solidarity spirit in Nigerian institutions and this is going to play out against the DSS in the court cases concerning the judges, no matter how convincing the DSS case against the judges will be. There is no general will in Nigerian political system so every institution and union must and do always unite even against the state and to protet their own interest!

We know that everything about Nigeria is corrupt and we also know that the reason why everything about Nigeria is corrupt is because Nigeria itself is built on a corrupt foundation.

All these drama will not end until we do something about our corrupt unitary foundation. By the way, DSS taking over the duty of the ICPC & EFCC is itself an act of corruption. DSS ought to have handed over the case to ICPC for further action, first time in our history, the DSS will be doing the job of the ICPC!

Let me repeat what I have always said; we cannot fight corruption as long as we continue to practice this corrupt unitary system of govt which thrives and survives on corruption. The first step to fight corruption is to restructure Nigeria. It is not a coincidence that everything is wrong in Nigeria. It is not a coincidence that everything about Nigeria is corrupt. We must stop looking at symptoms and focus on the causes.



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