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Fayose and Ben Bruce; Two Necessary Critics
April 24, 2016

Fayose and Ben Bruce; Two Necessary Critics

Why are people getting angry at Fayose for trying to thwart Nigeria’s attempt to get a loan from China?
There is nothing wrong in that action by Fayose. If a man feels his country will soon get into further trouble and he has the means to stop the trouble, he should do it. That is also patriotism.
I have been involved in trying to stop Wike led Rivers and Uduaghan led Delta state from getting loans in the past, even though we lost out.
The point is that Nigeria has a fundamental structural problem. Let us address this problem first before we even think of ‘development’ projects. Is it not shameful that Nigeria will be begging the Chinese to come build roads, airports, rail lines, etc? After how many years of independence?
Is it not shameful that we are borrowing money to pay salaries?

Let us put our house together first.

How do you fetch water from a well and pour it into a basket? Nigeria is a basket, it cannot sustain development!

How long shall we continue to borrow money to sustain this retrogressive, unsustainable big-for-nothing giant of Africa?



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