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FG Should Stay Clear of Petrol/Fuel Business
April 3, 2016

FG Should Stay Clear of Petrol/Fuel Business

Someone should tell the FG to mind its regulatory business and take its hands off petrol business. We have suffered enough.
There is nothing the Nigerian govt manages that it manages well. From education (basic and tertiary) to health, security, oil & gas, etc.
The Federal Government and its inefficient federal institutions should remain as regulators and allow the private guys run the petrol business show. Capitalism is now an inevitable feature of modern economics. The more you deny this, the more you affirm it.

Fuel should be imported and distributed by the private guys, subsidy should not be paid for on fuel, and the competitive market forces should determine the price of fuel. NNPC can only come in as an ordinary competitor, selling its products at the cheapest rate it can afford. The FG should only remain as a regulator and nothing more. If this means that Zamfara and Lagos will not sell fuel at the same rate, so be it. Enough of this evil of centralization.

The truth is that Nigeria is a criminal state and the Federal Government is the source and biggest beneficiary of the criminality. Nigerians are the victims.

We have a greedy federal government that wants to do everything for everybody and ends up cheating us and yet doing nothing. The earlier we realize and correct this anomaly, the better for us.
The FG should stop trying to make fuel cheap by promoting corruption, the right thing to reflect on is to ask critical questions. Why are we Nigerians so poor that we cannot afford to buy fuel at the official market rate? Which makes more sense, spend billions of Naira to make fuel cheap or redistribute the billions to Nigerians as wealth so that they can afford to buy fuel at the standard rate?
Why are we poor? Why is the govt happy about giving us free and cheap things? Does the govt want ua to remain in poverty, is it deliberate?

The truth is that the Federal Government is the reason why we are poor. She has stolen all our wealth and kept it at Abuja, now she thinks she is doing us a favor by giving us free education, cheap fuel, monthly allocations, etc.

The earlier we unbundle this skewed and corrupt federal government of ours and entrench ‪#‎TrueFederalism‬, the better for us.

The FG is the number one enemy of Nigeria and Nigerians.




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