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Fuel Subsidy Removal!
May 14, 2016

Fuel Subsidy Removal!

The removal of fuel subsidy by the Buhari led FG should be celebrated by all Nigerians. It is a painful but progressive move.

There is no hypocrisy in the action. Millions of Nigerians opposed Goodluck Jonathan’s subsidy removal because they perceived his govt as corrupt and untrustworthy and because they were also ignorant of how petrol subsidy works. Evidence has shown that they were right. The reality is that there might be no national protests over the recent removals and this shows that the people either trust this govt or that the govt is playing its politics well in silencing those who would have aided a national protest and sabotage. Or perhaps, the people have given up on the government entirely; govt can now do whatever it likes to do.

The Federal government and its partners in crime called oil marketers has ripped us off for too long in the name of fuel subsidy. Total deregulation is long overdue.

I am happy that the new economic reality is now compelling the FG to do the right thing it would ordinarily not have done because of its unitary centralized orientation. Gradually, the FG will see the need for state and community police, the need to further decentralize power generation and distribution, the need to abolish monthly allocation, etc. In fact, I hope that the FG shall soon be compelled by the new economic reality to devolve many of its economic and political powers to the lower governments closest to the people.

Govt is not a charity organization and should therefore not continue to offer cheap fuel, free roads, free education, subsidy on pilgrimage, and other freebies; all at the detriment of critical national infrastructures. We are too criminally minded and poor to run such a skewed welfare state.

Our next prayer should be for the Niger Delta crude oil to dry up so that the FG can see the need to restructure automatically. We should pray that Nigeria’s crude oil dries up as soon as possible. The crude is a curse to the entire country. It is the major reason why we have refused to restructure our system and entrench competitive productivity. It is the reason why we cannot think as a people.

The North has given Nigeria two conditions to support true federalism. Nigeria’s crude oil located in the Niger Delta must dry up. Or, crude oil should be found in the North.

I don’t care which one happens first. I pray that the two happens together so as to make the restructuring fast and smooth.

Whatever we need to do to entrench competition, efficiency, productivity and creativity among the federating units, should be done. Nigeria currently needs true federalism more than it needs anything else.

What needs to be done should be done so as to reposition our country on the part to greatness.



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