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Government Should No Longer Manage Basic Schools in Nigeria
April 3, 2016

Government Should No Longer Manage Basic Schools in Nigeria

One of the biggest evil of our present criminal, skewed, unitary, ‘feeding bottle’ system of government which we falsely call ‘federalism’ is clearly manifested in the management of our public basic schools in Nigeria. We have ruined education in Nigeria because we allow govt to handle this critical sector.

The Nigerian government(s) have consistently proven itself to be grossly incompetent in managing public basic schools, yet it has refused to give up this responsibility because of greediness, corruption and constitutional reference.

In several communities in Nigeria, we have govt funded basic schools; well paid staff, fair or poor infrastructures and yet the standard of education is pitiable! Even the poor private players are doing better.

My point is this; govt cannot continue to act as both a regulator and the regulated. It should hand over public basic schools to communities. Communities should be allowed to run the basic schools in their domain, communities should be allowed to hire and fire their staff, maintain infrastructures, raise funds, etc. The govt should only set the standards and enforce compliance, and maybe provide infrastructural support. This is the duty of govt. Where it is necessary, the govt can give out grants, scholarships, etc. The day-to-day running of such schools should be removed from the hands of govt.
Federal, State and LGAs have no business managing public basic schools. These schools should be handed over to communities. This is the best way to introduce efficiency in our schools and drastically reduce high govt recurrent expenditure on the part of the govt.

Communities/towns/cities must be actively involved in the business of government. They must be allowed to have fiscal responsibilities, plan their own budgets, raise their own funds and run their own economy. This is the foundation of true federalism.

The present structure of Nigeria is fraudulent and retrogressive. It promotes poverty, low standard of living, underdevelopment and ethnic tension.

We need to restructure Nigeria and entrench ‪#‎TrueFederalism‬.

This big-for-nothing giant of Africa is not working and we cannot continue to pretend about this.




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