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How Soon will Osun, Imo and other Unproductive States Collapse?
February 6, 2016

How Soon will Osun, Imo and other Unproductive States Collapse?

States like Osun and Imo might just die off before the end of this year. Many states in Nigeria should never have existed in the first place.

The truth is that, the first qualification to become a state anywhere in the world is to be self reliant; sustainability. Any state in Nigeria that cannot internally generate funds to meet up with its overhead cost does not deserve to be called a state. How did such a state even into existence in the first place?

It is time we begin to correct these historical mistakes that are responsible for our underdevelopment as a country. Even states like Bayelsa should not exist as an independent state. The oil era is over and with time we shall see that even the Niger Delta is a lazy and unproductive region, without the oil.

Why should a state that cannot internally generate funds to pay its civil servant exist in the first place? Do we even know the meaning of a state? Govt is not a charity organization and state govts cannot continue to beg like Almajiris. If you cannot be productive, go and die or you simply merge!

Abuja must stop stealing productive peoples wealth and sharing it to others in the name of One Nigeria.

A One Nigeria built on lies, laziness, unproductivity and fraud will collapse. But a One Nigeria built on efficiency, grassroot competition, fairness and truth will stand the test of time.

Nigeria is a country built on a fraudulent feeding bottle foundation. Each time we try to correct this fraud with another fraud we run into a bigger fraud. We must now destroy this foundation and start afresh.

Imo and Osun were illegally given bailouts few months ago. Today they are back to becoming bankrupt. You cannot sustain a lie without another lie.

It is time to #RestructureNigeria into #TrueFiscalFederalism so as to entrench efficiency, creativity, productivity and regional competition which will in turn drive national development.

Nigeria is not just a joke, it is also a lie!



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