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How the Youths Can Make Nigeria Ungovernable For the Better!

How the Youths Can Make Nigeria Ungovernable For the Better!

I have been thinking, how can the Nigerian youths ensure that all old, bitter, tribal and serving politicians do not return to any political office come next general election?
The idea of the Youth’s Revolution of Nigeria came up. The idea is simple. The youths will prepare a bill and forward to the National Assembly/Presidency with an ultimatum. The bill will insist that any person above a certain age and below a certain age should not be allowed to contest for any election in Nigeria. And also, anybody who presently holds or has held any political position, be it military or civilian, be also barred from contesting any political position. The bill will make it clear that its aim is to eliminate this crop of existing politicians.
But the Presidency/National Assembly/Politicians will not give any attention to the bill, they will reject it for their selfish interest. They will tag it discriminatory. So as part of the plan, the youths will design and organize a strategic and violent National civil disobedience/protest plan.
The civil disobedience will be carried out by the four million undergraduates and the forty million jobless youths. With the combination of these two ‘miserable’ classes of angry youths, the protest will certainly not only attain national notoriety but also drag international recognition to its cause.
The demand will be simple, pass our first and only bill into law.
The national civil disobedience/protest will include shutting down of all cities in Nigeria through attacking of all government houses in all states, hijacking of all radio/television stations in Nigeria, attacking of flowstations/oil & gas facilities, shutting down of ports/airports, hijacking of the National Assembly, shutting down of major roads, lynching of all active politicians, attacking of banks, etc. The demand will remain the same – pass our first and only bill into law.
The aim of the national civil disobedience/protest will be to make the polity/government ungovernable until the bill becomes law. This time, it will not be a covert Boko Haram or Niger Delta Militant operation, but an open operation by the angry jobless youths and the potential miserable graduate youths, all making the polity ungovernable. The protest will be inclusive of male and females and any youth who fails to participate will be thoroughly addressed. The demand will remain the same – pass our first and only bill into law.
There is no other way we the youths can become the leaders of tomorrow without a violent approach. These old con men will never give up. Without such a pragmatic plan, the recycling of old politicians will continue till and even after we have become old men.

The protest will be well coordinated and funded prior to the submission of the bill. The protest will cost more than a billion Naira and I am sure two or three prominent youths will be glad to fund such operation. The security men will be overwhelmed by the turn out that they will have no choice than to support the cause.

To be continued…..


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  1. Pedro Chibuzo

    02 Feb 2015 - 12:04 am

    We nid to get started…
    No time broo…

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