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Identifying Buhari Media Centre (BMC) Members
February 28, 2018

Identifying Buhari Media Centre (BMC) Members

Let me share a secret on how to identity some Buhari Media Centre (BMC) members here on Facebook.
If you were one of those (us) who harshly criticized the GEJ/PDP administration and was hailed by Buharists as being objective during the 2014 electioneering period. You would have observed that immediately after PMB appointed his media team and set up the Onochie propaganda/insult office, some of your die hard Buharist ‘friends’ who you had no beef with began to unfriend and block you for no reason. You had no serious disagreement with them even on their wall. Yet they blocked you. Do you know why? These were the same people who hailed you for criticising GEJ/APC ‘objectively’. Now they think you are no longer an objective person because you are using the same standard for their demigod. By their standard, you are unfair to Buhari.
Since the BMC work is a Facebook social media work, the first rule is to discard any friend who questions your integrity as an objective analyst and often reminds you that you are becoming a sycophant. You must get rid of such distractions. Unfriend and block. This is a must do rule to work at BMC. Once you join BMC, you become a closed minded person. Even if the APC government rapes your sister, you must find a way to intelligently rationalize and justify the action. What is the definition of zombie again?
BMC is big business with fat budget. It doesn’t matter your status, whether you are a jobless youth, a banker, a policy adviser or a millionaire, there is a package for you. Their budget is captured in the national budget!
It is not everybody that praises Buhari or shares ‘propaganda’ about Buhari/APC government  that you should argue with. Some of them are simply faithful contractors executing their projects. Don’t bother.
The day you observe that I have blocked you on Facebook or have stopped talking about restructuring, don’t be surprise, I might have accepted the offer. Nigeria is hard. Thanks to Buhari and the APC.
Now that you know, you can begin to make your guesses.
I am not saying there are no real Buharists who loves him and are defending him with no pecuniary gains or aims. There are too, many.
BMC is currently recruiting more hands. Watch out…
We critics must be commended. We are the reason why BMC exists. We are the real opposition in Nigerian politics of today.


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