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Is LGA still a sustainable tier of Government in Nigeria?
April 14, 2016

Is LGA still a sustainable tier of Government in Nigeria?

One of the mistakes of the 1999 Constitution is the creation of 774 Local Government Areas (LGAs) to be funded by Abuja.
LGA creation by the 1999 Constitution was not just a mistake but also a grand fraud designed to settle the political godfathers across the country at the detriment of the ordinary Nigerian.
If LGAs should exist, it must be a creation of the state governments and not the federal constitution. And also, its funding must be internal, not external.
LGAs have become excellent centres of corruption across the country. Their number of ghost workers are alarming, their overhead is ridiculous, and thier IGR is a mockery of efficiency in modern governance.

This abnormality is noticed across the six geo political zones of Nigeria. In Kano for example, it is rumored that three out of the forty-four LGAs actually belong to the Emir and his Emirate who decides how their monthly allocations are shared. The same practice could be common in most part of Northern Nigeria. In the South here, it is worst. In my LGA of oil rich Delta State, the monthly allocation is actually shared between the PDP political godfathers before consideration is even made for the payment of staff or execution of projects. In Delta State, LGA staff across the srate are yet to be paid for over six months, despite the fact that the state receives one of the highest allocations in Nigeria.

What is wrong with the LGA arrangement in Nigeria?

First, the LGAs are not accountable to the local people because their funding is not derived from the local people. The local people do not know how much comes into the LGA monthly, even if they do, it is not their money or contributions so they have no claim to hold the LGA accountable. This same principle applies to the states.

Secondly, the LGAs have become appendages of the states therefore making it difficult for them to think and act independently. The states are now using federal allocated LGA funds to run the states while the LGAs suffer.

The very fact that LGAs squander 20% of our national income on a monthly basis should be an issue of concern to all critical Nigerians.

Nigeria’s federal structure is designed to promote corruption, poverty, underdevelopment and stagnation. There is need to discard this top-bottom approach and replace it with a bottom-up approach of governance.

There is need to discard this criminal, corrupt, skewed, unitary ‘feeding bottle’ system of government which we falsely call ‘federalism’.

It is time to restructure Nigeria and entrench ‪#‎TrueFederalism‬.



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