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Is Nigeria a Federal Republic?
February 21, 2016

Is Nigeria a Federal Republic?

Nigeria claims to practice a federal system of government but in reality it is a lie.
Under a federal system of government, the Federal government has no business feeding primary school students.
The FG has no business drilling boreholes for communities.
The FG has no business installing street lights.
The FG has no business giving out 5k payment to unemployed youths.
The President is not supposed to be blamed for power failure.
The President is not supposed to be blamed for the Benin-Ore Road failure.
The FG has no business dragging natural resources with local communities.
Under a federal system, the communities own their lands and every resources on the land.
But the FG/state govt imposes a 50-90% tax on profits generated from those resources.
Under a federal system, the states fund and manage their own Police.
Under a federal system, Abuja depends on the states to survive, not the reverse.
Under a federal system, communities/towns are involved in the business of governance.
Under a federal system, fighting corruption is not a fiscal responsibility of the President.

What then does Nigeria practice and why?

First, Nigeria has a greedy federal central authority that steals from the entire states, rapes them and then gives them monthly allocation to cover up for the crime.

The central authority (Abuja) wants to do everything for everybody but ends up doing everything badly. Abuja is too far away for us to be depending on her for so many things. We must reduce her responsibilities and send those responsibilities to the governments closest to the people.

Nigeria is not a ‘federal republic’. It is a military unitary government disguising under a skewed democracy-like constitution to under-develop the entire country.

We have a moral duty to discard this system and replace the 1999 constitution with the true version of federalism.

Nigerians are under federal colonialism. It is time to ‪#‎RestructureNigeria‬ into ‪#‎TrueFiscalFederalism‬



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