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Is Nigeria at the verge of Disintegration?
July 15, 2016

Is Nigeria at the verge of Disintegration?

In the Niger Delta, there are series of militant groups. Well armed and still stockpiling more arms and explosives. We have seen some on TV, read about some in the dailies and few others are truly walking their words with action. They want a renegotiated Nigeria or a total division of the country. They are technically and financially ready to cripple the oil sector, after-all, who d crude oil don epp? They are not joking.

In the South East, there are series of covert Biafran military training camps, thousands of believers in the Biafran cause are enlisting and getting trained for the dooms day. After training will certainly come arming and execution of the Biafran agenda. How these coordinated plannings have gone undetected by federal security intelligence shows that Nigerian intelligence is a joke. They want an outright division of the country. Nothing less. They have resort to go violent. They are not joking.

In the middle belt region of Nigeria, there is a new political consciousness sweeping through the minds of the minorities. The minority Christian dominated states are forming a coalition against the Hausa/Fulani political domination. They are still experimenting and are yet to declare their intentions. I believe they are not joking.

The intellectual elites of South Western Nigeria no longer believe in One Nigeria. They are calling for a renegotiation of the Nigerian state. They are not joking.

In total, four out of the six regions of Nigeria no longer believe in the ‘One Nigeria’ project but believe in the possibility of a ‘Restructured One Nigeria’. Two out of the four regions no longer believe in the existence of ‘Nigeria’ as an entity and are willing to go to war to make their case. They want secession.

Across the whole of Nigeria, there is dissatisfaction among internally displaced politicians who have lost economic and political control and connection to the central government. They are determined to support the destruction of the country if the new central government does not carry them along in the ‘cake eating’ festival. They are not joking and are willing to watch and support the burning of the country if their access to the national cake is not restored.

In the military, there is distrust and division and anger and hatred. There is no united Nigerian army anymore. This is not only a threat to national unity but also a threat to the possibility of winning any war against any uprising using the army. Just recently, the military commander who led the invasion into Gbaramaturu community in Delta state was marked for assassination. Soon the military shall realize that the Abuja based politicians are merely using them to fight personal and senseless wars that have no connection to national interest. The recent rumor of a coup plot is not a joke. There are Niger Deltans and Biafran military officers in Nigerian army uniform who do not like the idea of Nigerian army invading their ancestral communities and stealing invaluable ancestral assets all in the name of searching for militants. They do not like the idea of killing their unarmed brothers in the name of One Nigeria. There are men in the army who do not believe in going to war as a way of resolving an issue which dialogue can solve. They will revolt in the nearest future.

At the federal level, the Buhari/APC govt is doing everything possible to divide the country with prebendalism, nepotism and lopsidedness.

In the Nigerian security intelligence network, there is betrayal and disloyalty. Tribal interest has overridden national interest. The Nigerian security intelligence network is in the real sense no longer intelligent.

There is the conspiracy theorists that argues that international support might be coming in for the various militant groups by enemies which Buhari led FG has created for Nigeria within just one year. Iran is not happy that the Shiites were killed in their hundreds. The Biafrans claim Isreal is not happy that the ‘Muslim led’ FG is killing unarmed ‘Christians’ of Southern Nigeria. The Biafran propaganda against the FG of Nigeria, no matter how funny, is effective internationally. There is also the theory of international crude oil politics as the brain behind the Niger Delta uprising. If Nigerians are determined to destroy Nigeria, they will certainly find international partners whose business is targeted at making profits from uprisings and civil wars.

Boko Haram is still there in the North Eastern part of Nigeria demanding for an Islamic state.

Despite all these ominous signs, Mr. President is still determined to further compound the whole issue with his nepotic, hypocritical, unintelligent, rigid and prebendal style of leadership. No intelligent Nigerian in his right senses will say he is happy with Mr. President Buhari’s crisis resolution strategies, including international observers.

President Buhari knows how to solve the numerous problems in Nigeria. He knows that Nigeria needs to be restructured but because he is a rigid and dogmatic military-command unitarist, he would rather watch the country burn than give up his personal ego than accommodate modern reality. A president who is constantly in opposition to the advice of his own technocrats (both economic and political) is a danger to democracy and a threat to the progress of Nigeria

I am hoping that Nigeria will survive till 2019.



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