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Lets decentralize electricity generation and distribution
July 26, 2016

Lets decentralize electricity generation and distribution

If electricity generation and distribution was strictly a state government affair and there is no such thing as a national grid and federal regulation, by now, at least ten states of Nigeria would have been celebrating at least fifteen hours of uninterrupted power supply per day and many more states would have been warming up to join the list.

Today we have a centralized electricity generation and distribution system. We have a national grid. We have a situation where if a gas pipeline is blown up in Bayelsa, electricity goes off in Kano and Lagos states. We have a situation where a court is deciding for investors how much they should charge Nigerians for electricity supply.

Because of overcentralization, the electricity generation and distribution business is now so complex that we do not even know who to blame for lack of electricity in our cities. It is shameful that despite the numerous power plants we have in Nigeria, we do not yet have a single city that can boast of twenty hours of uninterrupted power per day. Just one city! The most annoying part is that the electricity business is now so complex that it is almost practically and impossible to decentralize the sector without running into technical and legal problems. From generation to distribution to gas supply to regulated rates, and you name. There is one body or the other claiming regulatory rights.

This unitary centralized system of doing things in Nigeria has killed almost every sector of the country.

Electricity generation and distributiom is not rocket science. Geometrics has done it in Aba. Aba is no longer connected to the national grid. It is generating and distributing its own electricity locally, and so far, it is a success story. Aba today is generating and distributing its own electricity independently through Geometrics after a legal battle it won against the centralization policy of the Federal Government. Electricity generation and distribution licenses and issues should be a state government affair.

Federal Government should have no business with electricity anymore. National grid should be discarded. Competition should be introduced. States and cities should be allowed to generate and distribute their own electricity and bear the risks.

We really need to discard this idea of a national grid and allow states generate and distribute their own electricity. We need competition.

Fashola and Amaechi who championed this cause of decentralization of electricity are now at Abuja and in the right ministry and yet they have all gone dumb. Maybe their hands are now tied by the unitary philosophy of ‘One Nigeria One Electricity’

How can a city in a country like Nigeria and in this 21st century not have electricity for a whole week?

What is wrong with Nigeria?

Who did this to us?



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