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MTN and the New Rule of Law in Nigeria
January 3, 2016

MTN and the New Rule of Law in Nigeria

It is preposterous to see how determined MTN is in its bid to sue the Nigerian government in a case in which the evidence of sabotage against Nigerian security is not only evident but equally axiomatic. While MTN should be pleading and bargaining for a lesser penalty, they are displaying effrontery and temerity!

If Nigeria is anything close to an idle state, by now the Federal Government should be concluding plans to either nationalize their operations in Nigeria or impose an equal penalty for their impudence and in compromising our national security.

But alas; Nigeria is not a state! A country that cannot successfully manage a public owned primary school can certainly not manage an organization like MTN if it gets to the level of nationalization.

I will not be surprise if MTN wins the case against the Federal Government in the new suit even in the face of incontrovertible evidences. Anyway, we now have a President who knows how to protect the country’s interest, even against court orders that he considers as ‘unpatriotic’.

We should hope that (with the new rule set by Mr. President) the Federal Government will get that 780billion Naira money out of MTN, even if the court says otherwise.

Change has  indeed come… Lets see how this one ends



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