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Niger Delta Avengers and the new Narrative
May 28, 2016

Niger Delta Avengers and the new Narrative

The narrative about the Niger Delta Avengers is changing.
Initially, the narrative was like ‘military will crush them like common criminals soon…’ Now that it is obvious that these NDA guys are technically and fantastically ready to beat the military in their own game, the narrative has now changed.
The new narrative is that ‘NDA militants are polluting the Niger Delta environment.’ Nonesense narrative.
This is the truth. The Niger Delta has always been polluted since time immemorial and the FG has done little as a regulator to stop the environmental degradations. The IOCs have consistently polluted the Niger Delta environment and the FG has preferred to collect millions of dollars as fines without giving anything to the local affected people or caring about their well being. We have a petrol-dollar hungry govt that cares less about humans. I do not even want to talk about flaring. Environmental degradation is the new culture in the Niger Delta. From Ogoni land to Ijaw land to Ndokwa land to Bonny land to Urhobo lands and many more. There are pollutions everywhere. The last time I went to Brass by air, all I could see from above was oil spill. It was so obvious that it wil not be wrong to say that the natural environment is now endangered in the Niger Delta region.
Even the oil bunkering that is a major source of the spills is carried out by officials of the government. From the army officials to navy officials to marginal field operators, to staff of IOCs to host communities to politicians and ex politicians from both southern and northern part of the country. They are all involved in the illegal business of bunkering and oil spill, which by extension, the FG is aware of. It is not new.
Back to the main issue. If a little more spill is what is required to give back the resources to its rightful owners, then let the crude oil be spilled. 
Quote me on this. Let the crude oil be spilled. And oh yes, let the bombings continue too…
A govt that values oil facilities more than the progress of its citizens does not even deserve pity but condemnation.


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