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Niger Delta Governors; Agents of Unitary Imperialism
June 11, 2016

Niger Delta Governors; Agents of Unitary Imperialism

These South South governors are disgraceful jokers. They don’t even know what they need, what their region needs.

With Niger Delta Avengers wrecking the pipelines and the Presidency now ready for dialogue. This is the right time for the Niger Delta governors to demand for true federalism. It is the right time to get true federalism.

But who are these governors and what do they know, what do they want?

Just like the Presidency, these state governors are ignorantly greedy. They do not want to lose their military central command control of their states. They do not want to cede economic and political powers to the communities. They are more interested in getting more allocations from Abuja than turning the natural resources in their territory into wealth for their people. They are lazy buffons. They are more interested in getting political immunity than in giving economic immunity to their people. They are fantastically corrupt leaders that are easily divided when it comes to protecting Abuja interest against their peoples interest. They are the first enemy of the Niger Deltans. The Avengers might need to pay these leaders a visit.

This is the second time the Niger Delta governors will be given the power to change the destiny of their region and people. As before, I see them selling out for an increased allocation.

I am sure if the entire Niger Delta governors and states can come out to demand for a restructured Nigeria, Nigeria will have no choice than to agree. This is why I love the North when it comes to politics. They certainly know when and how to get the best out of Nigeria and without a compromise.

Anything short of true federalism is a waste of energy, time and resources. Peace in the Niger Delta will continue to be rented and militancy will continue to reoccur until economic and political powers are devolved to the local people.

The Niger Delta people and region should support the call for true federalism. That is where the solution is. More allocations from Abuja will only put more money in the hands of the criminal Niger Delta politicians but true federalism will put more economic and political powers in the hands of the local people and their communities.

I pity the future of the Niger Delta people.

Niger Delta should support the call for true federalism. This is the best if not the only solution.



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