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Nigeria is a Country Built on a Defective, Fraudulent and Corrupt Foundation
January 21, 2016

Nigeria is a Country Built on a Defective, Fraudulent and Corrupt Foundation

Nigeria is a country built on a defective, fraudulent and corrupt foundation. Each time we try to correct this fraud, we run into another fraud. For example, let me show you what I mean.

Under, the new N50 Bank stamp duty policy, let us assume that Lagosians alone transact N1trillion worth of bank transaction daily. The Federal Government will simply collect N50billion from Lagosians in the name of tax and share it to lazy people in Abia and Adamawa state and every other state. That is injustice and corruption.

Another example.

If we the beer drinkers pay a tax of lets say N1billion by drinking beer in Port Harcourt, the Federal Government will collect our beer tax money and share to states like Kano that forbids the drinking of beer. If this is not injustice and corruption, then what is it?

This is why I believe that Nigeria is built on a fraudulent and corrupt foundation.

Under a restructured Nigeria. Every money generated in Lagos state will be spent by Lagos Government alone and for the people generating the tax in Lagos. The same thing happens in Bayelsa, Kaduna, Adamawa, etc. The states will only pay tax to Abuja and nothing more.

If you forbid drinking beer, you should not benefit from the proceeds that comes from the beer industry. That is corruption. It is even a SIN!

People of Bayelsa State should not benefit from the granite industry at Kogi State. The mineral resources found at Okene in Kogi State should belong to the communities of Okene and not even the Kogi State government, the communities should only pay a certain tax from whatever sales they make from their business to the government. The same thing applies to the oil communities in the Niger Delta. Communities should be allowed to control their resources 100% and pay lets say 50% tax of whatever money they make to the state and federal government. This is what True Fiscal Federalism simply means.

Under the present system that we practice in Nigeria, everything belongs to the Federal Government and nothing belongs to the communities and State government. This is fraud and corruption.

The President Buhari led Federal Government must discard this skewed, flawed, corrupt, unitary ‘feeding bottle’ federalism that we currently practice and agree to #RestructureNigeria into a competitive, efficient, productive, competitive, and locally driven #TrueFiscalFederalism, just like he  promised inhis party manifesto.

The present structure of Nigeria is taking us backward and we have a moral duty to destroy it.




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