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Nigeria needs a Federalist Party for 2019 Election
August 28, 2016

Nigeria needs a Federalist Party for 2019 Election

INEC has already declared 2019 general election inconclusive in advance!

The 2019 election should be a contest between Federalists versus Unitarists politicians and political parties. Since both APC and PDP are both unitarists in ideology, we might need a Federalist party to join the race, or better still, we could try to convert one of the major existing parties to become Federalist in orientation. We barely have less than three years to start preparations. That is if Nigeria will even survive till 2019.

Until we #RestructureNigeria and entrench #TrueFederalism, voting for these unitarist politicians and their unitarist political parties will be a waste of time, resources and thumb prints!

Anti-corruption was the topic for 2015, we’ve got to get the 2019 topic right, that is, if Nigeria survives till that time.


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