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Nigerian military is a terrorist organisation
July 15, 2016

Nigerian military is a terrorist organisation

Some months ago, COAS Tukur Buratai authorized the murder of hundreds of innocent men, women and children in their sleep at Kaduna state. As if that was not enough, he tried to cover up the crime by organising a secret mass burial over night. Up till today, the FG has been unable to justify that genocide. I am optimistic that President Buhari will take responsibility for that action as soon as he leaves office. I am aware that several former Presidents are currently serving their ‘life in prison’ sentence for a similar crime President Buhari and Buratai has committed while they were in office. If Nigerians do not petition the ICC over the Shiites genocide, Iran will. That is for the future to decide.

I do not want to talk about the killing of unarmed Igbos (Biafrans) by the army in the South East under Buhari/Buratai.

The evidence of genocide by the Buhari/Buratai led military FG is not only axiomatic but incontrovertible. If Nigeria is not a sick country, that Zaria incident would have been enough to sack Buratai. But Nigerians hailed him. As usual, there was justification for the genocide. The Shiites are evil people, they deserved to be killed. The Biafrans are trouble makers, they deserved to be killed.

Talking about corruption, I believe that the act of killing hundreds of men, women and children in their sleep is less corrupt than stealing a billion Naira in Nigeria.

Sick country.


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