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Nigeria’s Federalism Breeds Criminality
January 11, 2016

Nigeria’s Federalism Breeds Criminality

In the early part of the twentieth century in the United States, there was a notorious bank robber by the name of Willie Sutton. He was later arrested. A reporter once asked him, “Willie, why do you rob banks?” Willie replied impatiently, “I rob banks because that’s where the money is”.

If you look at this Willie Sutton’s response to why he rob banks and then you look at our politicians aim of joining politics you will see that they (politicians) sincerely join politics because ‘that’s where the money is!’ Our politicians are armed robbers just like Willie Sutton. They arm themselves with the abnormality of our political structure, and then they rob us. All of them, both PDP and APC.

A political system that allows its politicians become better off individuals in cash and assets at the detriment of its people should not be admired but subjected to review and critical reform. An unexamined political system like the Nigerian State system is not worth patronizing notwithstanding the binding social contract that might have led to its emergence.

Just the way it is natural for goats to eat yam, so is it normal for Nigerian politicians to steal money under our present skewed structure.

How do we change things in Nigeria?

We must discard this skewed, flawed, corrupt, unitary ‘feeding bottle’ federalism that we currently practice and agree to #RestructureNigeria into a competitive, efficient, productive, competitive, and locally driven #TrueFiscalFederalism.

True Fiscal Federalism is the solution, not APC or PDP.

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