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Politicians, Civil Servants and Contractors!
July 26, 2016

Politicians, Civil Servants and Contractors!

Nigeria was designed to favor three set of people; civil servants, politicians and contractors. It is out of the complex relationship between these three set of people that the ordinary Nigerian benefits from Nigeria. It is these three groups that sustains almost every other group in Nigeria. If these three set of people sneeze, ordinary Nigerians get cold and fever, some even die! We spend over 70% of our national income on civil servants alone and in the name of salaries. This happens every month, at the federal level, in every state and every LGA!

When you hear the civil servants, politicians and contractors complain that things are hard, all at the same time, you can only imagine what the ordinary Nigerian would be saying and going through.

Politicians and civil servants are the biggest beneficiaries of our skewed criminal ‘feeding bottle’ federal system in Nigeria. They are allergic to any structural change in the system. Funny enough, they are less than 10% of the national population yet they get paid every month end but contribute close to nothing in revenue generation as commensurate to their income.

When you realize that taxes are collected from ordinary peoples efforts and resources and then used to take care of these set of people we call ‘government’, you get really angry at the system, except you are part of the system.

We need a real economy in Nigeria, not a government funded monthly-allocation based economy.

We need a sustainable people-managed wealth redistribution channel.

When will the real change come?


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