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Restructure Nigeria

About Project

The Restructure Nigeria Community is an advocacy group sensitizing Nigerians on the need to support the true federalism cause in Nigeria

The initiative is spearheaded by Federalist oriented Nigerians who believe there is no other time but now to come together and demand for the most important change that Nigeria truly needs which we believe is true federalism.

The Community exist to achieve three objectives.

  1. To sensitize and educate Nigerians as to why the country has never worked and might never work, and to illustrate to them how the root cause of this failure is linked to the skewed defective unitary system which we operate.
  2. To mobilize the now enlightened Nigerians towards demanding for a restructured system based on the principles of true federalism.
  3. To participate in the restructuring  process through policy formulations, bills sponsorship, participation in constitution amendment process, etc.

Tony Osborg is the pioneer coordinator of the initiative. Part of his responsibility is to formulate strategies for sensitization, fund raising and policy formulation and implementation.

The campaign has gained national recognition and is determined to influence the polity of Nigeria.

Project Info

  • Address www.RestructureNigeria.ng
  • Location : Nigeria
  • Objective : To sensitize Nigerians and influence a structural constitutional change


Nigeria is in need of a structural change. A change from its present unitary military feeding bottle system to a proper federal system. The Restructure Nigeria Community has come to the firm conclusion that the problem with Nigeria is neither a problem of leadership nor political parties but a system induced problem caused by a defective unitary political system that is incompatible with the heterogeneous nature of Nigerians.

Our Solution

We are sensitizing Nigerians, the political class and the international community. Our strategy is to prove to Nigerians that we have consistently confronted the symptoms rather than the system induced causes. We have built a resource center where Nigerians can visit and learn more about true federalism and the need to restructure Nigeria. The social media has been an effective tool for mass sensitization.

The Result

The ruling All Progressive Party (APC) has only recently inaugurated a committee to further understand the concept of federalism and Nigerians understanding of restructuring. Restructuring has become the most discussed topic in Nigeria and will likely remain so until Nigeria is restructured! So we hope