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Prebendalism and Nigerian Nepotic Politics
July 15, 2016

Prebendalism and Nigerian Nepotic Politics

Do you know the meaning of the word Prebendalism?

Go to Google search and type ‘prebendalism’ and see for yourself the meaning of the word.

Just like every other leader we have had in Nigeria, President Buhari is an advocate of prebendalism.

President Buhari does not have any integrity as was claimed prior to his election. He is just like every other Nigerian politician; crude, power hungry, hypocritical, pretentious, amoral, nepotic, corrupt and lopsided.

Despite the fact that CBN has admitted that it carried out a secret recruitment, President Buhari recently declared that there was no such secret recruitment in both CBN, FIRS, and the Prison service. Mind you, even FIRS and the Prison Service have refused to deny the axiomatic and incontrovertible allegation that they had carried out such a secret recruitment. What kind of president does that?

Why would a supposed man of high integrity come out to say there were no secret recruitments even when the evidence is obvious? Does he think Nigerians are stupid?

Is he merely ignorant of the happenings in his own government, or is he simply playing on our intelligence just like he did with his financial status to us during the election?

Again, look at how he has shielded Rotimi Amaechi and Tukur Buratai from the corruption allegations against them. Look at the lopsidededness of his appointments. Look at his handling of the Shiites, IPOB and the Niger Delta crisis. Look at how he has remained cool with the killing of unarmed Nigerian protesters in Igbo land.

Again I repeat, President Buhari is just like every other crude politician Nigeria has produced in the past. He will come and go but the problems will remain with us until we agree to do the right thing…

Before you forget, check for the meaning of the word ‘prebendalism’ using Google search.

Nigeria is a rogue state.


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