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Presidential Aspirants: Have You Read Any Manifesto?
October 29, 2014

Presidential Aspirants: Have You Read Any Manifesto?

In a sane country, the citizens-cum-electorates should be asking questions. Mr. Presidential aspirant, what are your plans for power, education, infrastructures, poverty alleviation, corruption, sustainability, economy beyond oil, industrial developments, etc? In a sane society, the citizens should be eager to read manifestos, see possibilities and opportunities. They should be comparing and contrasting ideologies from different aspirants.

No. Not in Nigeria. What is even a manifesto? Do Nigerians and their politicians even know what a manifesto is? OK, let me try to replicate a definition with the same words I used in one of my unpublished work. …..a manifesto that I mean is not a list of wishes and promises. Anybody can write that. A manifesto is, first, a comprehensive outlining of the perceived unlimited abnormalities and recognized problems of Nigerians and the Nigerian State. Secondly and finally, a comprehensive outlining of a recommended solution or solutions to these problems, showing a step by step approach and methodologies, often time, with options and alternatives. Up till date, I have not seen any document close to this from the ruling party or from the newly formed akin opposition parties, and their aspirants.

Anyway, in Nigeria, manifesto or no manifesto, we already have our various candidates. There is nothing you can do to make us change our mind about our candidates. Even if my candidate claims that he has no plans for me and has no manifesto, I will still support him.  The very fact that he is not from the other tribe and the very fact that the other tribe is against this particular man is enough reason why I must support him! He is the enemy of my enemy, therefore he is my friend and my candidate. I must support him.

Atiku Abubakar´╗┐ with his #ANigeriaForAll campaign has launched his manifesto. We don’t like him, we don’t like him. Let him have a fine manifesto with beautiful pictures and high projections. We don’t like him, we don’t like. Period. Why don’t we even like him? It doesn’t matter! We don’t just like him.

Muhammadu Buhari´╗┐ has declared. Does he even have a manifesto. Are his ideologies achievable? Mchewww, it doesn’t matter. We don’t like him too, we don’t like him. How can we bother to read a manifesto of someone we dont like? Period!

What about Goodluck Jonathan´╗┐, well, he did not even plan to become our President, so why should he even have a manifesto? Should a man build a manifesto before or after his elections? In 2011 we asked him for a manifesto and he simply said ‘I had no shoes, if I can make it, you can make it!’ Chai! Who knows what he will tell us this time?

Anyway, it doesn’t matter. Nigerian politicians are bloody liars. They can get the best brains in the world to prepare a policy document only to use the same policy document as a means to siphon money. They can even promise you, as part of their manifesto, to build a bridge where there is no river!

There is nothing our politicians cannot do. They are bloody liars. The notoriety of their lying abilities has attained international recognition. So even when you see those aspirants with fine manifestos, ignore them. Its a trick! Have you ever been duped before? Try a Nigerian politician. They are con men and their dubiousness becomes official once they assume office! Don’t trust any document they give to you, before or after election. I have warned you.

The best way to go is to follow the bandwagon. Just follow your tribesman/regional man. Or better still, follow the man of your religion. Or the man of your party, even if he is an buffoon, just follow him!

After all, Nigeria is a joke and Nigerians are suffering from that mental illness called insanity.

To hell with manifesto!

How did we as a country arrive at such a contradiction?


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