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Rivers Governorship Election; The Irony of Nigerian Politics

Rivers Governorship Election; The Irony of Nigerian Politics

There is an irony in the Rivers State governorship election that should be of interest to political scientists and the judiciary for prudent reasons.

It is true and obvious that Gov. Wike rigged the governorship election using his primitive PDP rigging technology in connivance with INEC and the security operatives. However, it is also likely true that if the Tribunal nullifies the election and calls for another election, and if the election is conducted in a free and fair manner, Gov. Wike will still win the election.

The truth is that Rotimi Amaechi lost touch with the people of Rivers State from the moment he joined the APC and started his attack against their Hero, GEJ. This has badly affected the popularity of the APC and its governorship candidate in the state. After their Rivers in-law Hero lost out in the Presidential election, Wike became the only consolation they had and from the look of things, the people of Rivers State will do everything possible to hold on to this consolation. The people who reason this way are in the majority.

Rotimi Amaechi started well as a governor of Rivers State, he got distracted and ended up as a mess and as a reckless thief. However, those who knew what he was fighting for would know that he was fighting a good cause, those who knew the dynamics of the politics of development knew that Amaechi’s fight against GEJ was a good fight and in the interest of the state. But Nigerian politics is not about good fight or good cause, it’s about ‘our turn’, don’t-fight-your-brother even if he is wrong’, etc. All those money and oil wells Rivers State lost under GEJ led FG, let us now see how Gov. Wike will recover them under a Buhari led FG. All those fund Amaechi’s govt spent in building FG owned roads and that Wike as then Minister frustrated him and manipulated GEJ not to release because he feared Amaechi will use the funds to fight GEJ and fund Buhari, let us now see whether a Buhari led FG will release the same funds to the same Rivers state.  This is one reason why we must learn to do the right thing at all-time whether it benefits us or not.

As for the tribunal issue, I am sure Wike rigged the election in the same way I am sure Wike will win if the election is re conducted.

Again, we must learn to do what is right at all time, irrespective of whether it benefits us or not. 


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