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Community Development

We believe governance, development and politics should begin and end at the localities. The localities are the focal points of existence. It is where the ‘real’ people exist and interact. It is where governance ought to be initiated, policies tested and sustainability entrenched.

Sustainable development is widely defined as a ‘process of social transformation in which the people themselves are in charge of the process’. This is our core value in executing community development projects.

At Osborg, we ensure that community development projects meet the local needs, initiated by the local people and sustained by the local people. We cannot empower local people and communities by establishing countless  interventionists projects that do not meet the aspirations and needs of the local people.

Our primary objective is to ensure that a donor or government agency choice of project in line with the need of the local people and need. Our strategies are as follows;

  • We initiate community development projects through local consultations
  • We monitor project execution and quality control through our procurement standards
  • Our community development projects are infused with sustainability mechanisms to ensure that the local people take charge of its continuous maintenance and existence

Hometown.ng Connecting diaspora people to the needs of their communities

The Hometown.ng™ Database Project is a web application designed to integrate thousands of villages, towns and cities into the globalization trend by capturing their histories, lacks, cultures, expectations, festivals, photographs, people, contacts, sacred ties, aesthetics, economy, demographics, etc., into one central database that will be accessible to the general public and government as a form of traditional encyclopedia.

Our biggest objective is to connect people to their hometowns, tourist attractions, cultural festivals, and ethnic groups.

The Hometown Database Project does not only reflect the everyday activities of places to the world but also connect people to their communities and communities to the government. It will be a one point contact for people to see through communities and for communities to be seen through the World Wide Web. When completed, the database will become the biggest depository for donors, people and governments to identify local community development needs and attempt to meet such needs

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