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Restructure Nigeria is our first socio-political think thank initiative and it has turned out to become a huge success! Our research and advocacy efforts is geared towards finding permanent solution to reoccurring sociopolitical predicaments.

So far, the findings have been inspiring and challenging. The issues have gained national recognition and the subject is shaping the future of Nigerian politics.

At Osborg, we carry out critical analysis of socio-cultural-economic-political issues using philosophical and sociological approaches.

We believe in pragmatic solutions and we have lived this philosophy by always and  constantly researching on what works and thereafter building a community of advocates to push the message to the right audience and demand for the right results. Our approach is as follow;

  • Identifying socio-political issues that requires attention
  • Adopting a philosophical and sociological approach in understanding the issues
  • Cross section engagement of all stakeholders and getting them to understand and accept our proposed pragmatic solution(s).

Our Research & Advocacy Services

Progressively, we begin our social researches through engagements and social samples of ordinary opinions about the subject matter. We move further to understand the issues in an objective way and as it is understood by all stakeholders.  We identify areas and reasons of bias and attempt to reach a compromise that is fair to all. In summary, our sociopolitical think thank researches are geared towards providing pragmatic solutions to national issues.

Areas of Think Tank Research & Advocacy

How Does the Think Tank Work?

First, we dynamically reinvent the issues from a solution driven perspective that is devoid of sentiment and political correctness. We try to understand people’s opinion about the issues and admit their fears, pessimism and worries about the issues and consider such sentiments as part of the problems that the resaerch must address.

We are driven by the fact that most political realities make progressive changes difficult to execute and implement simply by and for the fear of either creative destruction or a loss of benefit that comes with the establishment been confronted. We understand that sometimes, the people who truly need the change do not have the resources to demand for the change and even in most situations, the change that people desire is not within their powers to be achieved. They end up begging the same establishment for change, rather than fighting for change. It is a complex situation that the Osborg Think Thank tries to resolve using certain radical but philosophical and sociological approaches

  • We try to penetrate the issues and get a broad understanding of why people desire and oppose the issues.
  • We objectively integrate ourselves into the issue and attempt to detach several biases that might distort our ability to carry out an objective analysis
  • We confront every stakeholder and explain to them how we think their bias is impeding their understanding of the issues!
  • We carry out further research on how the issues can be addressed and test the popularity of our solution through advocacy
  • We participate in the implementation process by ensuring that justice as fairness is followed in all solutions and resolutions.

Strategic Three Step Approach

We have a three step approach in addressing every issue we accept to research on, investigate and analyze. Our approach is borne out of the need to satisfy every stakeholder, even down to most vulnerable and least advantaged of the stakeholders.

There can be no progress without adequate understanding. Our approach of understanding the issues implies that we understand what the challenge is, how the various stakeholders understands the issues, why certain stakeholders are allergic to change, while some others desire change and why the major objective of the research should be on finding a common ground that is acceptable to all stakeholders, and fair to commonsense and justice.

We employ several sociological and philosophical approaches in diagnosing issues. We try to understand a system from the angle of the project objective. If our objective is to understand why a certain political system is said to be failing, we attempt to study the history, circumstances and forces behind the system, we attempt to pin point when it began to fail and why it has continued to fail. Our diagnosis is centered around getting all stakeholders to understand what led to the system collapse so as to agree on how to resolve the issue.

Every stakeholder deserves to know the facts, sentiments and rationales behind peoples views on the issues, for this reason, we engage in advocacy as a right step towards making the stakeholders understand why our findings are the best they can get and why they might need to reach a compromise if truly they desire to have solution that works for the progress of the society.

We engage the stakeholders through various mediums with the sole aim of getting them to understand the issues from an existential and objective point of view as we have tried to.

Restructure Nigeria
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