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Social Media Sycophants and Their Closed-Mindedness

Social Media Sycophants and Their Closed-Mindedness

There is something I find strange about most social media political supporters in Nigeria.

First, they see their principal and his government (actions) as infallible and should therefore not even be criticized.

They refuse to look at the issues you raise in your criticisms but rather look at how it affects their principal, and therefore accept or reject your argument based on this reasoning.

They are good at creating imaginary social media enemies. They are quick to dislike and even hate those who are harsh on their principal, even though such a person has not displayed any such dislike towards them (supporters) in person. They automatically see their principal’s enemy as their personal enemy.

They try to disassociate from critics of their principal. Including not liking or commenting on the wall of those who are harsh on their principal.

They want their ‘online imaginary’ enemy to be their friend’s enemy as well.

Because of their closed mindedness, they find it difficult to win new converts to their principal. They are quick to ‘block’ ‘unfriend’ and ‘delete’ those who they find as consistently dogmatic in opposition to their principal. They are intolerant and they are proud about it.

They do not believe that centrists exist. It is either you are a supporter of their principal or you are not. Fence sitting is not allowed.

With the kind of passion they display in doing what they do, you will think most of them are on a payroll, but they are not. They are passionate people but are only lacking an open mind.

They are likely not to comment or share on an issue they know is true simply because they believe doing so will make people see them as becoming what they think their ‘haters’ are.

They are closed minded people so do not expect them to change their views even in the face of axiomatic new facts.

Every enemy of their principal is automatically their enemy and his friends, their friends.

These set of people are in the two political camps in Nigeria.

Justice is only fair and right when it is in the interest of their principal.

I can go and on…

But the point is, because Nigeria is a skewed country, it is expected that its citizens (especially politicians and their supporters) are also conditioned to be skewed people.

Everything about our country is skewed. Education, religion, civil service, social media behaviour, security, health, corruption, employment, budget, etc. Morality, legality and truth becomes subjective.

This, I believe is as a result of our inherited political culture caused by our skewed system of Federal Government.

Nigeria itself is a contradiction and that is why Nigerians behave the way they behave.

We should all demand that our country be restructured into #TrueFiscalFederalism so that we can release ourselves from these overconcentration…



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