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State and Community Police in Nigeria
June 11, 2016

State and Community Police in Nigeria

One aspect of true federalism that this APC/PMB led federal government can easily entrench without rancour is the demand for state and community policing.

This is one aspect of true federalism that both Northern and Southern politicians have agreed Nigeria is ready for.

Security should be managed by the state and communities and not solely by the federal government.

The Nigerian Police Force presently comprises of about 400,000 officers yet it is still considered as grossly insufficient. There are hundreds of Nigerian villages without any NPF presence.

Just like every other federal owned institution, NPF is not only inefficient but also poorly funded.

By devolving duties of Police to both state and communities, the federal government will be killing two birds with one stone. How?

By devolving the present Nigeria Police Force into state control, the federal recurrent expenditure will be drastically reduced and the blame on the federal government for certain crimes (i.e. herdsmen attack) will be pushed to the states and communities. There will be no job loss as states will simply absorb its resident officers from the NPF and form its state and community police system.

Abuja cannot continue to control everything in Nigeria and receive all the blames. This unitary system of government is old fashion and redundant.

It it time to push certain responsibilities from the federal government to the state and community governments and the issue of security is one of such.

The change that Nigeria needs is a change from its present military-unitary central command ‘feeding bottle’ system to a true federal system of govt.



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