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The Biafran Struggle; Secession or Restructure?
July 15, 2016

The Biafran Struggle; Secession or Restructure?

A friend just informed me that Radio Biafra read sections my article on its radio programme yesterday about why Nigeria should not let the Igbos leave Nigeria.

According to this friend who listened to the programme, Radio Biafra Deputy Director, Uche Mefor, is not happy that I followed the bandwagon by reducing the Biafran struggle to an Igbo cause. According to him, Biafra is not an Igbo agenda but a restoration of a historical map which cuts across traditional Igbo land to as far as present day Kogi State and some part of present day Yoruba and Niger Delta lands, and even up to Cameron.

Well, I have in the past studied this historical map and it is true that historical Biafra cuts across traditional Igbo land, however, this historical map has now twice been replaced by a political map. The first replacement was by the creation of Nigeria by the British while the second replacement was the creation of geo-political zones by the Nigerian government.

The implication of these events is that historical Biafra no longer exist, at least in consciousness. What exist today in Nigeria is a country full of tribes and states that are not comfortable with themselves.

I was shocked to find out some weeks ago that I have brothers in Delta state who are willing to die for the Biafran cause, yet they are practically not Igbos. I have seen Ijaw people show the same commitment to the Biafran cause. The failure of the Nigerian government has sold Biafra into the heart of millions of Nigerians. The Radio Biafra propaganda is also effective.

This is one thing the ‘modern’ Biafran proponents must know -The historical perception of Biafra no longer exist. What exist today is tribes, states, geopolitical zones and Nigeria. To rebuild the consciousness of the historical map will require partnership, love, trust, hardwork and intelligence. The people behind Radio Biafra do not have these qualities.

In as much as I respect the Biafra right to secession and I admit that Biafra is not Igbo alone, I still believe that a restructured Nigeria will be better than a divided Nigeria. This is the singular reason why we should restructure Nigeria on time before it is divided in time.



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  1. Don C

    24 Aug 2016 - 8:53 pm

    Tony, it does not matter what you think, ONE NIGERIA can never work unless each ethnic group has complete self determination. What we are doing with One Nigeria is trying to force an un-natural relationship. Let me educate you a little, Biafra Kingdom of old was destroyed by the slave trade which was a joint venture between the European Christians and the muslims, I still dont understand why you feel Biafra should be forgotten and we assume to name of Nigeria that was a complete fraud. You may have jumped to the conclusion that Biafra was created by Ojukwu in 1967 and that I will attribute to ignorance and single mindedness of the average black person.Look at this book published 1760 and tell us if you do not see Biafra there? https://play.google.com/books/reader?id=-WVjAAAAMAAJ&printsec=frontcover&output=reader&hl=en_GB&pg=GBS.PA353 Look at also the Map of Africa in 1858 and tell us you do not see Biafra there http://etc.usf.edu/maps/pages/000/32/32z.htm Look at also the presbyterian church History and see if the Presbytery of Biafra was not in Calabar as at 1858, then after all these tell us what criteria you are using to remove Biafra and replace it with Nigeria and restruture Nigeria as if the British are God. http://presbyterianchurchng.com/DynamicPage.aspx?pageid=21 SOME OF YOU THAT WENT TO SCHOOL SHOULD STOP ACTING IN IGNORANCE AND DO SOME RESEARCH. THERE IS NO SINGLE ADVANTAGE TO ONE NIGERIA.IT ONLY ALLOWS THE SLAVE MASTERS TO USE THE NORTHERNERS WHO ARE SUBSERVIENT TO CONTROL EVERYONE. If you doubt, please let me know one or two advantages of One Nigeria.

  2. Don C

    24 Aug 2016 - 9:03 pm

    TONY —"I still believe that a restructured Nigeria will be better than a divided Nigeria. This is the singular reason why we should restructure Nigeria on time before it is divided in time." Please could you itemize how this restructured Nigeria will work? Also tell us what will be the advantage to us and everyone else? After that I shall provide you with facts that show that we all will be happier with a broken Nigeria were countries emerge with manageable sizes.

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