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The Buharists and the Wailing Wailers; A New Sycophancy is Born
July 26, 2015

The Buharists and the Wailing Wailers; A New Sycophancy is Born

This new kind of sycophancy being displayed by the Buharists might be worse than the former that was common with Goodluck Jonathan’s era. Our President says ‘slow and steady wins the race’, and I say, ‘Mr. President, that’s an archaic and redundant maxim’. Some persons who think they love the President more than I do pick an offense in my assertion. That’s a new kind of sycophancy.

Mr. President commits an ignoratio elenchi fallacy on an international TV and we draw attention to his gaffe, those who think they love him more than I do come out to defend him by committing their own fallacies using  ad hominem and kettle logic arguments.

Like I have always said, sycophancy is the greatest saboteur that has ruined our political movement in Nigeria for the past sixteen years. Knowing your man has failed or has made a mistake  and telling him to his face that he has failed and made a mistake is the first step towards making him succeed; it is the foundation upon which true friendship and honesty is built. We must learn to constructively criticize those who we chose to patronize, it is not an act of opposition, is it a sense of patriotism; a true sense of loyalty. Only those with a discernible mind understand the logic behind this principle.

It is now obvious that majority of the Buharists are suffering from what I had once referred to as a  sycophantic megalomania syndrome, the same mental illness that possessed the Pro-GEJ people  during the electioneering. Its a kind of insanity.

 When you see a man who is in leadership position as infallible, perfect, and should not be criticized, then you obviously have that mental illness which I call sycophantic megalomania syndrome. You need to have your head examined.

This is an indictment on the kind of education Nigeria is offering Nigerians. A lot of educated Nigerians are not ‘educated’ in the sense that the world understands education to impact on a people.

Nigeria is not just a joke, it is a failed state and with the way we are going, I am not sure it can be revived under this kind of political orientation and political culture.

Sincerely, I am worried.


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