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December 8, 2014


While many will argue that the idea of zoning is a political compromise designed to rotate the seat of power towards appeasing the tribes in a solidarily and communal manner, many have failed to understand that the foundation upon which the concept of zoning is built is a dubious and faulty one.
The zoning concept just like many other political concepts is built on false, fraudulent and mutually deceptive premises designed to justify the long held culture of turn-by-turn sharing of the commonwealth. There is no sincere rationale behind the concept of zoning. Let me draw a syllogism to prove my point.
First Premise: We agree that our political structure is so faulty to the extent that a President/Governor can decide to develop his hometown/region/tribe by diverting all development projects to his region using the instrument of the state with little or no opposition.
Second Premise: It is in fact true that the previous Presidents/Governors have displayed the above attitude using the faulty political structure;
Conclusion: Therefore, we must rotate the Presidency/Governorship position so that in the long run, all tribes can have an opportunity to develop their own hometowns/tribes/region using the abnormality arising from the faulty political structure.
Can you see where the false foundation began in the first premise and how we have built the zoning ideology on this premise till date? Are we supposed to justify a faulty political structure by zoning or we are to reform the political structure?
I am not sure how well the above syllogism drives home my point, but the fact remains that the only reason why people will emphasize on the need of rotating a political position between tribes/region is simply on the assumption that certain benefits come to the people of the tribe/region whose son occupies a position, therefore it will become fair that the position be rotated between tribes/regions so as to appease the tribes and region. This turn-by-turn politics in Nigeria is a fraud designed to opiumize, mesmerize, and hypnotize the people while enriching the political class who are never divided when it comes to looting our commonwealth through appointments, contracts and you name it. In Delta State for example, the idea is that, since the Urhobos (Ibori is in jail for massive looting) have had their share, the Itsekiri (Uduaghan has a lot of corrupt questions to answer) have had their share. It is time for the Aniomas to have their own share! What a primitive philosophy lies behind the true notion of zoning!
Such political thinking is not only absurd but equally fraudulent in nature and must be disbanded. It is built on a mutually deceptive foundation and premise and can therefore not be a yardstick in electing a leader. Such ideas of zoning could only be an added advantage and not a sufficient reason why people should be elected into political offices.
If a specific family is blessed with gift of producing intelligent leaders, I wouldn’t mind having that family produce our leaders over and over and over again, as long as they continually display that high level of leadership skill that we so desire.
However, while the above analysis is based on reason, we cannot rule out the fact that in Nigeria, reason is often guided by sentiment, thereby making the truth look more like an illusion. To this effect, it becomes extremely difficult to abolish the idea of zoning away from our political culture.
We should be focusing on eliminating the faultiness of our political culture, rather than justifying it with this turn-by-turn political calculations.
We could get things right if we begin to think right. Zoning of political offices is unnecessary if and only if our political structure is built on a rational, transparent, and accountable foundation.
Tony Osborg, a Sociopolitical Critic.


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