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The Python Snake of Anambra State!
July 3, 2016

The Python Snake of Anambra State!

Few days ago I had an interesting encounter with a python snake here in Anambra State.

I actually went to see a friend, while I was inside, this friend all of a sudden started shouting ‘JESUS, JE…’. One other girl joined her. It was a snake and this snake was right inside an opening under her door. This is the door that leads to the room I was inside. This girl took off and tried to run out of the room through the window.

The guys outside were all laughing. They were familiar with the snake, it was their sacred friend (totem); some people call it the spirit of Anambra!

Someone (an indigene) poured kerosine inside the opening but the snake will not come out, the more they tried to use a stick, the more the snake went further inside.

This woman (the landlady) then started speaking Igbo (talking to the snake), she said ‘…you better come out right now before I call a child to come kill you…’ while the woman was still talking in Igbo, the snake made a U-turn and brought out its head, it started coming out slowly. I was just at the edge of door, watching. It was a beautiful snake.

The snake came out and did not move fast. It was comfortable and did not bother to run for safety (as is common with snakes found in human environments). It not bother to attack either. The snake just felt at home. I was watching. The old woman hit the snake on its head (the same way a mother beats a child). The snake remained submissive. The woman was still speaking her Igbo while ‘beating the snake’, afterwhich, she raised it with a stick, carried it away and off she threw it into a nearby bush (she did not kill the snake).

Please blame NEPA (or whatever their new name is) that I could not video capture the whole thing with my other phone.

That python snake is sacred in most part of Anambra State. I hear it visits people at their houses and moves freely. I also hear you will find more of the snakes at Ndemili axis.

Anyway, I still do not believe that the snake came out of that opening because someone spoke to it even though it seemed so.

End of story


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