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The Two Types of Critics in Today’s Nigeria
October 18, 2014

The Two Types of Critics in Today’s Nigeria

So far so good, with the recent happenings, I can now confidently classify the Nigerian social-political media critics into two types.

The first, I call them the Pro-. By Pro, I do not mean professionals. No, they are far from being called that. I mean the adverb pro which connotes ‘in support of’, i.e, Pro-Jonathan, Pro-Buhari,etc (in support of).
This first type of critics do not actually fall into the ideal understanding of the term ‘critic’, neither do they fall into the ideal of ‘journalism’. However, for the sake of convenience, I shall call few of them critics or even journalists.

Whether they choose to act as Pro-Jonathan, or Pro-Buhari, or Pro-APC, etc, they are all the same. They are all doing the same job, the difference is that they work for the the same but opposite clients!

For instance, those who call themselves Pro-Jonathan will do everything to support their man. Everything includes even using a picture of a bridge in Rivers State to represent that of the second Niger Bridge in other to score a political point. They look for anything that will boast their man’s reputation, and then they write about it. Some of them are even unsolicited. They even inadvertently destroy the reputation of their patron without knowing. Imagine them using ‪#‎BringBackGoodluck2015‬ as a campaign slogan. What an insensitive puerility by the Pros. They also try to suppress any information that will affect their man.

Those who are journalist, bloggers, writers, etc who fall into this category and are paid by their patron, have a reason for doing so. At least, they earn a living by being a Pro-whatever. Some others are just fanatics, sycophants, loyalists, beneficiaries, tribalists, extremists, etc. They throw their support for this man not because the man even knows their name or has impacted in their lives or region but because he is either of their religion, from their tribe, their political party, or they just have this natural hatred or likeness for his cause. They are the very first set of people who would insult you if you criticize who they support. You will see them on FB walls of news media outfits like Sahara Reporters, Premium Times, Vanguard Newspaper, etc.

The professionals who work in this group are very good at what they do. Once they are mobilized by their patron, they would go as far as digging into a long forgotten archive to gather facts against their patron’s opponent. At least, they earn a living by doing so.

Like I said before, whether they are Pro-Jonathan, Anti-Buhari, Anti-PDP, Pro-APC, etc. They are all in the same category. Bias, subjective, partisan criticisms. Many of us have fallen into this category without even knowing it.

Well, in today’s world, if you are not with any of us, then you are hanging on the fence. And to hang on the fence is to be inconsistent and equally bias. In other words, if you are not with us, you are against us. There is nothing like objective criticism or analysis.

Now, to the second category of critics.

The second category of critics…. well, I do not yet know how to describe them.


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