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To Restructure Nigeria to Restructure Nigerians!
June 11, 2016

To Restructure Nigeria to Restructure Nigerians!

What is this Bishop Kukah saying about restructuring Nigerians?

Can he tell us just one way Nigerians can be restructured. Just one. Perhaps, by fighting corruption!

Nigerians are a product of their political system. The system determines their behavior. If the system is corrupt, Nigerians will be fantastically corrupt. If the system promotes prebendalism, Nigerians will be prebendals.

The system determines our behavior. To change our behavior, you must first change the system.

Why did we not try to restructure Nigerians so that they can stop ghost workers fraud? Why did we invent BVN, IPPS and other technologies to stop the fraud.

As long as we practice a criminal, unjust and corrupt system of federal government, Nigerians will continue to remain who they are.

There is no such thing as restructuring Nigerians but there is certainly a need to restructure Nigeria. We have explained how we want Nigeria to be restructured, can this Bishop tell us how he intends to restructure Nigerians?

This is commonsense.



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