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True Fiscal Federalism will Fix Nigeria
February 11, 2016

True Fiscal Federalism will Fix Nigeria

There is nothing that we witnessed under the GEJ/PDP regime that we will not witness under the PMB/APC regime.

Be it marginalization, nepotism, corruption, lopsidedness, cluelessness, wastefulness, bloated contracts, union strikes, and you name more…

As long as we continue to practice this skewed, flawed, corrupt, unitary ‘feeding bottle’ version of federalism, things will remain the same. The more we think things are changing, the more things are actually remaining the same.

If a car has flat tyres, if you like, repaint it, change the driver or even change the engine. As long as the tyre is not fixed, the car will not move. Nigeria has a structural foundational problem. We need to fix it first…

It is time to ‪#‎RestructureNigeria‬ into ‪#‎TrueFiscalFederalism‬ so that there will be competition, productivity, efficiency, and less ethnic tension.



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