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#TrueFederalism Campaign; Journey so far
July 15, 2016

#TrueFederalism Campaign; Journey so far

When we started the #TrueFederalism campaign, people said we were reacting to the loss of GEJ and that we were here to oppose PMB. We showed them proof that the demand for True federalism preceded the 2015 general election.

Again, they said we were the intellectual wing of IPOB. We showed them proof that we want a restructured Nigeria, not a divided Nigeria.

Again, they said we were sponsored by the opposition PDP. We showed them proof that the campaign team is made up of everybody and even some of us supported the emergence of PMB/APC at the center.

Again, they said true federalism was not part of APC/PMB agenda for Nigeria. We showed them proof that true federalism was the number one promise in the PMB/APC manifesto.

Again, some said we forged that particular page of the manifesto. We said go to APC headquarters and see the original version for yourself and then sue us for forgery.

Again, some said it is too early for the APC/PMB to implement true federalism. We made it clear that PMB/APC cannot build on a faulty foundation. True federalism is the first thing they should have done. You lay the foundation first, before you start other works. No wonder true federalism is the number one promise in the manifesto.

Many people think that as long as PMB has not said anything about true federalism, he is against it and they must be against it too. Shallow thinking.

The point is that many Nigerians are too blinded by sycophancy that they end up ruining a government they think they are protecting.

Few years ago, I was writing several criticisms against the former governor of Delta State, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan and his government. Here on Facebook, his supporters were attacking and calling me names; terrible names. Meanwhile the man was reading my criticisms, enjoying them even mentioning my name and making reference to my posts in his state executive council meetings and telling the commissioners from my hometown that they should be proud of me like he is. Here on Facebook, those who think they loved the Governor more than he loves himself were calling me bad names. Meanwhile the man was impressed with me and was even a secret admirer!

Let us not make the mistake of thinking that politicians can only be changed by the ballot and in every four years. With constructive criticisms and objective analysis of their actions, we can change the govt and the way the govt officials think on a daily basis.

The call to restructure Nigeria is something every progressive Nigerian should support.

It is not a campaign against Buhari or the APC or against the North. It is in the interest of the entire country and I am sure if many more Nigerians join the call for a restructured Nigeria, President Buhari and the entire NASS will do same.

True federalism solves over 90% of our politicial, religious, tribal, social and economic problems in Nigeria.

We have a moral and patriotic duty to make it happen.

We all need to support the campaign in every way we can…



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