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#TrueFederalism; Niger Delta Governors are Corrupt! Really?
August 28, 2016

#TrueFederalism; Niger Delta Governors are Corrupt! Really?

When next someone tells you that Nigeria should not be restructured because Niger Delta Governors are corrupt thieves, look the person in the eye and call him a stupid person. In short, call him/her a moron.

Yes. Niger Delta governors are corrupt. They are thieves. We know that already and that is even the more reason why we need a restructured system. Which governor (past and present) is not corrupt? Is it Tinubu of Lagos or Kwankwao of Kano or Nyako of Adamawa, is it Aregbesola of Osun or Tambuwal of Sokoto or Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta? Who among Nigerian governors are not corrupt? So why are you so bothered about Niger Delta governors when you are not even from that region? Can’t you leave them, their crude oil and their corruption alone for their people to handle and focus on your own state?

So because Niger Delta governors are corrupt we should not restructure Nigeria and give the states more responsibilities and of course more money? We should continue with the feeding bottle system because Niger Delta governors will become more corrupt under true federalism?

Since when did you start caring for the Niger Delta people more than they care for themselves? Since when did you start caring about the environment of the Niger Delta? Oh! Its all about your salary as a federal civil servant. Its now threatened? IOCs have been polluting the Niger Delta environment for decades but we did not hear your voice. As long as crude is flowing and your salaries are not owed, the Niger Delta can go to hell with their polluted environment. But immediately NDA came up to help pollute the environment more, you became an environmental activist. I see.

Yes. The Niger Delta governors are corrupt just like every other governor in Nigeria, it is only greed and stupidity that will make you choose only them as your basis for opposing restructuring.

You fear that if Nigeria practices true federalism, oil producing states will become richer than other states? Are the oil producing states not still richer than other states even under our absurd system that cheats them? Is Lagos not richer than Kano even though Kano claims to have the same population with Lagos? No matter how hard the poor states try to drag the rich states backward, there will always be poor and rich states.

Niger Delta governors are corrupt. Yes I know and that is why I want true federalism so that the governor’s powers will be devolved and shared with the communities. This is what you do not know about true federalism. True federalism will check mate the governors and that is why I personally want it in the Niger Delta.

Have you wondered why ALL politicians from all tiers of governments in Nigeria are corrupt? Do you think it is an accident? The present system is what corrupts them. Even a once acclaimed incorruptible Buhari is now a nepotic Buhari who supports secret recruitments and prevents certain persons from been prosecuted. How else do you define corruption? Do you think it is an accident that corruption is everywhere in Nigeria? It is not a mistake. You cannot patronize a corrupt system of government and not be corrupt.

USA is more corrupt than Nigeria yet their system works and makes progress. We need to stop falling for the propaganda that corruption is our biggest problem as a country. Our biggest problem is our unitary system of government that is incompatible to our size and heterogeneous nature as a people.

Niger Delta governors are corrupt and receive just 13% derivation from their natural resources yet they have transformed the Niger Delta states from nothing nineteen years ago into top of the list of the most progressive states in Nigeria.

Unlike Lagos state that was initially built by federal effort, the Niger Delta governors have, with limited resources, built the Niger Delta to become the most progressive region in Nigeria. Despite FG’s effort to deny the Niger Delta region of a functional commercial sea port, the region has remained progressive even with their corrupt leaders.

Peter Odili and James Ibori built two of the biggest gas power plants ever built by a state government in Nigeria. Rotimi Amaechi built the best primary schools in Nigeria. Cross Rivers is world class destination in tourism. Akpabio transformed Akwa Ibom from been a state known for producing house boys and house girls, into a state now having the best public infrastructures. The GDP of Rivers state is bigger than four of some other Nigerian states combined together. Unemployment ratio is lowest in the region. The region leads in education and healthcare and pays the highest salary to its civil servants. Rivers State University pays its lecturers even higher than federal lecturers.

What do these people know about Niger Delta? Do they know that it cost over a hundred million Naira to build a kilometer road in the Niger Delta as against fourty million in other parts of the country, due to the terrain? Do they know how many riverine communities have been connected with roads and bridges by these corrupt governors? Ogun state commissioned its first ever flyover in 2014, meanwhile as at that same time, Rivers state alone had commissioned more more than five flyovers built alone by Rotimi Amaechi’s government, this is outside the existing ones built by previous governments? Do they know how many kilometer of roads and bridges and drainages that these corrupt Niger Delta governors construct annually?

Niger Delta governors are corrupt yet they have turned their states to become the top highest IGR earners.

What has your own incorruptible governor done for your state?

You just sit in there and ask stupid questions like ‘what have the Niger Delta governors done with their allocations since 1999?’ I have lived in the Niger Delta and I know the Niger Delta is making progress far more than other parts of the country. And yes, I also know that the governors are corrupt, just like every other governor.

By the way, what has the federal government done with the 52% allocation it has been forcefully collecting since 1999?

People should stop professing false love for the Niger Delta people because of their crude oil. You have never liked and loved them, it is their crude oil that you want and will always want. If the people of the Niger Delta allow their governors steal their funds, let it be their regional problem. Don’t come to tell me that because Niger Delta governors are thieves, so therefore we should not allow them control more money. Thats a stupid argument.

The Niger Delta governors are thieves because the 1999 constitution makes them become thieves just like every other governor operating under the constitution. This is exactly why we want a restructured Nigeria so that governors will no longer be able to steal as they do.

Do not come out to criticize a concept you have no idea about simply because you want a continous flow of crude oil money to Abuja for your upkeep as a benficiary of the unitary system. Tell me point plain that you want the status quo maintained because of Niger Delta crude oil money which you survive on, not because of their corrupt leaders.

Nigeria should be thankful that these present set of Niger Delta governors are a docile set unlike the DSPs and Ibori’s and Odili. The day these active Niger Delta governors will unite to demand for either a restructured or a divided Nigeria, Nigeria will be history. They do not even know how powerful they are and I pity them and their region for that.

Niger Delta governors are thieves. Is it Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa governors that are not thieves. Nonsense talk. You think the Niger Delta governors are heartless thieves who do not care about the development of their states? You care better.

Indeed, we should not restructure Nigeria because Niger Delta governors are corrupt. Moronic argument from moronic Nigerians.



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