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#TrueFederalism; US Presidential Election Debates!
August 28, 2016

#TrueFederalism; US Presidential Election Debates!

Are you following up the US presidential election campaign and debates? What are your observations?

Have you heard Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump talk about how they will feed primary school students and employ 500,000 basic school teachers, if elected? Have you heard any of them talk about how they will construct roads, build power plants and manage universities?

Have you noticed that their campaign discussion (as future president) is focused on foreign policy, monetary policy, defense, immigration, etc?

The USA is a federal republic and under a federal system of govt, the president and his federal government has no business with certain issues that our president in Nigeria has over here. The states and community governments are in charge of those duties that are essential to the people while the federal government deals with national and international issues and policies.

Nigeria is probably the only federal republic in the world where you will see a federal budget contain projects such as ‘street lights, boreholes, employment of primary school teachers, construction of roads, etc.’ Wetin concern federal government with borehole project? Only a greedy federal government does that.

Meanwhile, self-acclaimed educated Nigerians will come online to defend this evil skewed system that we practice, calling it federalism and giving you reasons why we must maintain the status quo.

What we practice in Nigeria is a skewed unitary military ‘feeding bottle’ system of government, not a federal system of government.

Overcentralization is destroying Nigeria. Abuja needs to stop this greediness and devolve economic and political powers to the governments closest to the people.

The 1999 Constitution is evil and is responsible for our problems, if not all our problems. Many people still think PDP or APC can fix Nigeria. The Constitution is our problem, not political parties or politicians.

Anyway, lets keep pretending…



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