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We Cannot Fight Corruption in Nigeria!
August 13, 2016

We Cannot Fight Corruption in Nigeria!

We cannot technically fight corruption in Nigeria when we in fact practice a fantastically corrupt system of government. Our system of government corrupts everything that comes close to it. The best way not to be corrupted is to stay away from the Nigerian political system.

It is not an accident that Nigeria is blessed with corrupt leaders from both North and South. It is not an accident but a direct consequence of our system of government. The system grooms corruption.

To fight corruption, we must first, discard this evil skewed criminal military 1999 Constitution designed feeding bottle system of government. Technically, as long we practice this unitary system, we cannot fight corruption. But we can do lip service. The system breeds, thrives and sustains itself with corruption.

To win election in Nigeria, you need corruption, to retain power for four years, you need corruption, to win another tenure, you need corruption. To get a government job, you need corruption, to get a contract, you need corruption. To maintain peace in the Niger Delta, FG needs to use corruption. In fact, Nigeria is corruption institutionalized.

Even our acclaimed incorruptible President Buhari has now been corrupted by the system, except nepotism and prebendalism are not forms of corruption.

Lets fight the system if we are sincere about our fight to end corruption.


Photo credit: Adamu Dankore Muhammad


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