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We Cannot Fight Corruption in Nigeria!
October 11, 2016

We Cannot Fight Corruption in Nigeria!


We cannot fight corruption in Nigeria because our unitary feeding bottle system makes corruption inevitable. This is the point we have been trying to make with our true federalism campaign.
‘In Nigeria, it is not just a fact that government officials are corrupt, it is also a fact that corruption is official’.
You cannot be patronizing a corrupt system of government and still say you are fighting corruption.
If you think it is a coincidence that politicians from both north and south and at all tiers are corrupt, then you are yet to understand what Nigeria’s problem is. It is not our leaders that are corrupt, it is our system that corrupts our leaders.
To sincerely fight corruption, we must first unbundle and destroy our unitary system of government and entrench a bottom-up federal system. Anything short of this is lip-service and national hypocrisy.
Until then, lets continue with the mutual national deception and hypocrisy.
Fighting corruption ko, fighting corruption ni.


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