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Welcome to Nigeria’s Skewed University System
April 14, 2016

Welcome to Nigeria’s Skewed University System

We have over one hundred public owned universities in Nigeria.
Yet, we still import toothpick and match sticks and pencils and paper. What is the essence of these universities.
One of the cardinal objectives of a university is research. Universities all over the world are contributing to the development of their countries in all sectors; technology, pharmaceutical, ICT, economic and political policies, science and you name it.
In Nigeria, our universities are a liability but I do not blame them. They are equally suffering from this skewed, retrogressive, unitary ‘feeding bottle’ federalism that we practice.

They cannot run the schools without govt budget. The govt determines what they charge. The govt determines whether they need a classroom or a laboratory. Our universities are completely handicapped. They barely have 10 hour of power a day. How can they carry out research and provide solutions?

Govt has no business running universities. Their duty is to regulate and allow the universities compete.

By the way, why are Nigerian parents so poor that they cannot afford to pay university fees for their children? Why is the govt determined to continually give us free and cheap low quality education? It is because our govt is a thief that likes to act as a Messiah who always give cheap and free things to Nigerians because they cannot afford it. By stealing our wealth and giving us cheap and subsidized stuffs in return, politics is sustained.

This skewed, criminal unitary ‘feeding bottle’ system of federalism that we practice in Nigeria is evil. It is responsible for our poverty, underdevelopment and stagnation.

The earlier we unbundle this federal government and entrench ‪#‎TrueFederalism‬, the better.



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